The Mini - Work Samples


floor plan.jpg

This client had a home with great bones, but her furniture had moved with her several times and no longer served her growing families needs. She had plenty of ideas for her the space, but wasn't sure how to put it together or what to buy.

Together we looked at inspiration images, talked through goals, and created a plan that gave seating options at multiple price points, plus storage for books and treasures, layered with accessories to pull everything together. 

Sometimes you just need to add accessories to finish a space. This client wanted to add bold color to their space, while keeping things sophisticated and modern. Lots of soft surfaces and neutral furnishings make the space family friendly, while bright colors showcase the client's personality. 


Screenshot 2016-12-03 06.59.21.png

Our bedrooms are often the last space we decorate and yet, as a place of rejuvenation, they should be one of the first.

This client had an awkward, open space that needed everything -  it was all mismatched from what was leftover and on sale - and it needed to be affordably sourced and connect to the rest of the open space converted attic.  

A color palette of navy, gray, and brass unified the space, while a careful eye on the budget made sure the space could be implemented for under $1000.